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Case of conspiracy of violence: STF will not take voice samples of Siddique Kappan in Mathura jail

Latest News Agra

The STF (Special Task Force) application for taking voice samples of Siddique Kappan, a member of Campus Front of India (CFI), lodged in Mathura jail on charges of plotting riots after the Hathras scandal, has been withdrawn from the court. The issue of security was raised by Kappan’s advocate on the issue. Here, STF has taken statements of Ansad and Feroz Khan who are lodged in Lucknow jail. Now STF is preparing to bring both the accused to Mathura on B warrant.

Latest News Agra

CFI member Siddique Kappan, lodged in Mathura jail, was produced in the court of ADJ I Anil Kumar Pandey on Thursday. In the court, the STF sought permission to take Siddique Kappan’s voice samples to Lucknow. Kappan’s Delhi Supreme Court advocate Matthew Wills protested and questioned security.

He told the court that Kappan should be taken to Chandigarh or Delhi for a voice sample. His life may be in danger in Lucknow. After this, the STF withdrew the application. Here, a team of STAF reached Lucknow jail on Wednesday and took statements of CFI members Ansad and Feroz Khan arrested by ATS.

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